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Safety Screening for Pain and Other conditions

Safety Screening for Pain and Other conditions

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TMS Safety Screening

Have you undergone TMS in the past?
Do you have epilepsy?
Have you ever had a convulsion or a seizure?
Does anyone in your family have epilepsy?
Have you ever had a fainting spell or syncope?
Have you ever had a stroke?
Have you ever had a head injury or neurosurgery?
Have you had any illness that caused brain injury?
Do you have metal in the brain, skull or elsewhere in your body such as shrapnel, surgical clips, splinters or fragments from welding or metal work?
Do you have a cardiac peacemaker or intracardiac lines?
Do you have a medication infusion device?
Do you have an implanted neurostimulator? (e.g. DBS, epidural/subdural, VNS)
Do you have any hearing problems or ringing in your ears?
Do you have cochlear implants?
Do you suffer from frequent or severe headaches?
Have you had retinal detachment?
Have you ever had any other brain-related condition?
Are you pregnant or is there a chance that you might be?
Are you taking any prescribed medication?
Have you had any alcoholic drinks over the last 12 months?
Do you use recreational drugs?
Have you ever had an electroencephalogram (EEG)?
Have you ever undergone an MRI in the past?

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